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Mattress Frequently Asked Quesitons

Care Instructions & Guidelines

Feagans recommends the following care and cleaning protocols for your mattress in order to extend its lifespan. These guidelines include:

  • Use proper support for your mattress. This includes support systems with a firm center and firm edges. For slatted bases, use at least 5 hardwood or metal slats and add legs to the 3 middle slats.
  • Use a mattress protector pad to guard your bed from spills, bodily fluids, and discoloration.
  • If you need to transport your mattress, secure it in thick plastic covering to protect it from the elements.
  • Use the handles only to position your mattress, not to carry it.
  • Don’t stand or jump on your mattress (even children).
  • Only clean your mattress with a vacuum or, if necessary, light soap and warm water, and let the mattress dry completely before putting on bedding.
  • If your mattress has a removable cover that needs to be cleaned, dry-clean it only.
  • Don’t remove the white law label.
  • Don’t smoke or have exposed flames (i.e. candles) near your mattress

What Voids the Mattress Warranty?

You must be the original owner of your mattress in order for the warranty to be valid, including expressed and implied warranties. Additionally, using an improper support system for your mattress voids your warranty.

What the Warranty Does Not Cover

  • The mattress is not quite the firmness you desire, or otherwise does not meet your comfort preference
  • The mattress develops normal body impressions or other changes from normal use, including the feel or recovery time of high density foams (ex: memory foam)
  • Changes in your mattress as the result of temperature or humidity
  • The mattress is not the bed height you prefer
  • The mattress doesn’t hold your full weight
  • There are damages in the cover, fabric, corner guards, or handles from normal use
  • Your mattress develops a bent border/grid wires
  • Any burns or tears to the mattress
  • Vermin infestations
  • Mattresses used on an insufficient foundation, bed frame, box spring, or support system
  • Mattresses or foundations sold as floor models, samples, or secondhand

Repair & Replacement

  • If you qualify for a repair or replacement of the defective product, an identical item may not be available; in that case, we will give you a similar model or use similar material for repairs. The new item will be of equal value to your original mattress or foundation.
  • Also, getting a replacement for one item in a set doesn’t mean you’ll get replacements for the other items.
  • If your mattress has stains that could be from bodily fluids or cleaning fluids, Feagans has the right not to accept your return. Additionally, shipping fees for inspections, repairs, and replacements are paid by you.