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The Feagan Family has served Fredonia KY for close to a century, starting with a grocery store and a gas station in the 1930's to a supermarket in the 1940's. Feagans Furniture was born in 1960 when Mary Feagan sold two chairs then sold four more, and it has multiplied until we have over 80,000 square feet of showroom. Later on Ted Feagan began selling mattresses in the old grocery store. And now we have added the "Odds and Ends" area which holds our overflow of furniture. Now their legacy lives on, as the next generations have picked up the reigns to contiue this beloved business.

"A small start to now a large business!"
---Mary Feagan

Living Room
Dining Room

“Feagan’s Furniture offers an extensive selection of home furnishings and accessories. The staff understands customers have individual taste and different budgets. Shopping in Fredonia’s small town atmosphere is pleasant and the prices provide value for your money by eliminating high overhead costs of the larger cities. Feagan’s is a great resource offering shoppers choices in traditional furniture, eclectic accent pieces and unique accessories for today’s homes.”

B.B. Hall - Paducah, KY

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